Debbie Levitt Does Not Work For inkFrog

Monday, 14 June 2010 at 5:22 am Pacific USA Time.

Many lovely people approached me at the Developers Conference,
telling me they WISHED I could consult for them, but they thought I was
"taken." After eBay's Developer Conference, it sounds like this needs to be said out loud and publicly… but briefly.

I'm Debbie Levitt. I did some consulting for inkFrog. That relationship ended as 2009 became 2010. I do not have anything to do with what they do. Looks like they're finally using the Terapeak idea I gave them, and who knows if they'll use any of my other ideas. As far as I can tell, they're not using any of the other ideas or innovations I suggested. Oh well, someone will want those. :)

I was just a consultant, but inkFrog wanted my name out there publicly, and gave me a title. I typically don't do that. I typically just work behind the scenes without a title or anything official/public… so don't think that you have to give me a title and do a whole public thing. :)

I am still the sole owner of As Was, always have been. Some of you thought inkFrog had bought me. Nope, they were just renting. :)

I'm not taken. I am available as a consultant to any company who wants help and expertise in UX/UI (websites, user interface, and process flows), innovations, marketing, branding or rebranding, etc…

Get in touch! Deb AT Debbie Levitt DOT com. Make that an email address, and get in touch. :) I'm happy to take on small or large projects.

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Categories: That's Good Marketing

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2 Responses to “Debbie Levitt Does Not Work For inkFrog”

  1. JL Morrissey says:

    I had no idea who you were but I do now! I’m new to selling online. I was researching designers and came across this accidentally. I read your bio – very inspirational! So if you can pull “allnighters” teaching yourself HTML then perhaps I can too… But if it doesn’t work out… I’ll be calling your company! Cheers.

  2. Hi, JL. I taught myself HTML in 1995. It’s a little harder now. :) Plus, if you’re designing for eBay, you want to make sure you really know the rules. Anybody who is not compliant with eBay policies runs the risks of being pushed down in search results.
    Good luck!