Defending the Status Quo

Monday, 16 October 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Seth Godin’s 8 Sept 06 blog post talks about the excuses normally given to NOT change. #3 on the list is, "Can you show me some research that demonstrates that this will work?"

This made me think about a phone call I had in August with one of the other companies in my industry. I have been trying to create a better relationship with them, and show how we can work together. Referring their clients to us can make them money through a variety of ways.

When I explained what we do for our clients, they had some questions.

Do you have any white papers on this?

No. I don’t really do the corporate thing. I don’t have white papers on this. All of our information is on our website.

Do you do A/B testing to prove that what you do works?

No. We create all of our work and then we unleash it. That’s probably why it has such a huge and dramatic positive effect for our clients.

Do you do incremental changes and check to see that each change is working?

No. A day of sales feels like forever to an eBay seller. We don’t have time to tweak how their listings look and work, collect data, analyse that, and make decisions about what changes to make next. As I said, we do all of our work behind the scenes and then unleash it.

We have a lot of hard data from our clients on how what we do works. I presented that and told them to talk to our clients directly, but I guess it wasn’t enough. I agree with Seth. This is one of those things that will kill innovation. There’s only so corporate any company should be when it comes to eBay sellers. They’re just different.

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