Dell Battery Recall

Wednesday, 23 August 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

The top story on The Today Show on 15 August was about Dell recalling millions of batteries that could overheat and cause laptop fires. That’s serious!

Of course, Today tells me to go to their website to find out which batteries are affected. I go there, and can’t find that information. So I go to, find Recalls, and get to the right place.

What’s most surprising, other than that I have two batteries that are NOT part of the recall (!), is that the recall was announced in December 2005 but just seems to be getting attention NOW. I have one of the models that got the bad batteries, and of course, Dell knows I have that model. They should have emailed everybody with those models asking them to check batteries. I heard nothing of course.

If the Today Show hadn’t said anything, I never would have known to check. I’m glad I checked, but how many people may still not know because Dell didn’t want to send an email?

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