Design Deadline For Holiday Selling

Monday, 12 July 2010 at 6:02 am Pacific USA Time.

Every year, people come to us in October, and want us to do our fantastic eBay listing templates in time for holiday selling. By then, it's really too late for our work to help your holiday selling. Why? Because many or our projects take about a month. All of our design work is custom and from scratch. We don't do the same thing for everybody. You don't get the same layout with a few pictures of what you sell thrown in as some sort of header collage.

Every project at As Was starts with a long phone call about your company's image, mood, and personality. We design from that. Hey, it just takes time to go back and forth with you, perfect it, prepare it, and get it into your software for listing. It can easily take a few weeks.

That's why contacting us in October is really too late. We can't guarantee that your project will be ready. If you are busy with your holiday selling already, you may not get back to us quickly when we need to hear from you… and then project could drag on as we wait for your feedback.

Start now!

In reality, the best time to start is now. Holiday selling for many of our clients seems to start in September. If you want a fresh design to be ready for September, we really should get started now!

Hit for more info, or contact us (through the website) if you need more info or newer examples of our work. Most of our projects start within 1 business day of when you sign our contract, so we're ready when you are!

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