Diapers Are for Personal Use

Friday, 20 January 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Yesterday, I wrote about an eBay seller that really threw me for a loop. While looking at his eBay Store, I found that he only had one item listed right now for 4 packs of adult diapers. May I quote from the listing?

this item is for personal use,adult family home,ect.,, These are Pull Ups Tear Away Sides,Good Luck and Please see my other items on Ebay Stock up Winter is Coming dont be caught in a snow storm or ect. Stock UP NOW

Thing 1: Personal use. As opposed to……..? Business use? International use? Use of one diaper by your entire family? Pet use? Wrapping on your car?

Thing 2: If you read yesterday’s entry, this seller’s eBay Store says that he offers "Pre Quality Used Household Items." Are these diapers used?

Thing 3: I like the grammar of "these are Pull Ups tear away sides, good luck." It’s like "I shot an elephant in my pajamas." Good luck with those tear-away sides!

Thing 4: Don’t be caught in a snow storm or et cetera!!! I would imagine that if you require adult diapers, you probably tend to stock up ahead of time. You probably don’t wait for a snow storm, tornado, hurricane, flood, or earthquake to consider that you may need more adult diapers.

The next time you see a TV show or magazine interview where an eBay seller complains that eBay kills their business and their sales are down, please wonder if that person is this seller. So many sellers shoot themselves in the foot on eBay with bad listings, bad pictures, bad descriptions, bad reputations, and more, and then blame eBay.

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