Disney World Park Tickets

Thursday, 25 January 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I’m going to call this good marketing since the pricing is SO interesting. Let’s say you’re taking a trip to Walt Disney World. You’re going to be there 6 days, but you’re not sure you want to pay for park tickets all six days. Maybe you would pay for 5 days, and have the kids just do a day at the pool and around the resort thinking that’ll save money.

That’s from Disney’s website, where you can price out rooms, tickets, and full packages. Notice that there is no real significant financial difference between buying a 3-day ticket for $287 and a 10-day ticket for $294. This includes the "Park Hopper" option, which means you can do Magic Kingdom in the morning, EPCOT in the afternoon, and MGM for dinner. It includes the water parks, separately priced at $36 per day per park.

Notice that the 4-day and 5-day tickets cheaper than the 3-day. Disney doesn’t want you finding anything else to do around the Orlando area. :) Hey, I don’t mind if their park tickets are relatively reasonably priced! Why so reasonably priced? Because once you’re there, you are spending so much money on so many things. I think that’s why Disney resorts are also relatively reasonably priced, especially considering the perks they offer over staying off the Disney grounds. They just want to GET you there.

To me, that’s good marketing. Make the comparable expenses seem reasonable or do-able, and then the rest is what it is once you get there. Though I will say that on my last trip there, I found food to be New York City priced, so it was high but not unheard of for a vacation.

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