Don’t Ask That Question

Thursday, 22 November 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

One of the things this blog is about is my study of human behaviour, and how we present ourselves to each other. I overheard a conversation in my favourite sushi restaurant a couple of weeks ago.

A Dad, trying to be cool, had taken out his two daughters and one of their friends (from what I could tell). Maybe only one was his daughter. But it looked like three 12-yr-old girls and this Dad guy. He was trying to make conversation with them, which was cute.

Until I heard this exchange.

Dad: "(girl’s name that I didn’t catch), I heard you got a dog but had to give him away."

Girl: ‘Yeah."

Daughter: "Dad, he was SOOOO cute."

Silence. More silence. I’m like OUUUUCH, that is NOT the question to ask a 12-yr-old girl. Please ask her ANYTHING but about a puppy she couldn’t keep.


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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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