Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

The media would rather latch on to a
negative-sounding eBay story than a positive one.

I can tell you that
certain publications used to call me ALL the time to interview me. I
typically gave a positive look at most eBay moves and changes, and they
seemed very interested in my takes on things. And every time their
articles came out, there was no quote from me. Instead, there were
quotes from certain other people in my industry who you can rely on to
give negative quotes. Yes, this person seems convinced that every eBay
move is a 100% wrong one, and all of his software users are against it.

That’s what the media printed. Not what I said about how the change
will help some people. Not BOTH opinions about the eBay move or change.
Just the negative one.

And Mr. Negative Quote is the same guy who told me a couple of years ago that NONE of his users are interested in branding and marketing themselves. Really? Including the ones who are my clients because they wanted our help with branding and marketing?

This is the same guy who has been against every eBay change, even ones that have worked out well for his target user base.

And then I read that people don’t want to sell or buy after reading these articles and blog posts. Well that’s just sad. I think it’s a shame that we do such little critical thinking of our own that we read a typically-slanted article in the media, and make life decisions based on what really boil down to opinions.

It’s all opinions. Look, even science reports change. Remember when cigarettes were healthy? :) Don’t believe everything you read. Remember that the media is going to print what people want to read, and for the most part, that’s pop stars imploding and eBay pissing people off. When’s the last time a media outlet asked me to find them happy eBay sellers to interview? I have them ready and waiting!

And let’s not forget junk science. I’ve seen a figure floating around that the new fees will mean a 66% increase in fees for sellers. I can’t make that math work. So far, the clients I spoke to and the math I did show people’s fees going down. One friend of mine will see her fees go up an average of 50 cents per sold item. That’s not enough for her to care. So exactly WHO is seeing their fees go up 66%, and out of all the possible math examples, why are people latching on to this one?

Don’t stop or refuse to buy or sell on eBay because of a media article or blog post, even in what you consider to be a reputable newspaper or magazine. You have NO idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Not all of it, but plenty of it is a manipulation. It’s not balanced. It doesn’t look at multiple sides of an issue.

How many articles have you seen about sellers who are HAPPY about the changes eBay just announced? Some of those happy people are my clients, and I have them ready to be interviewed. Would you read that? Would you believe it, or after everything else that’s been written, do you believe that all sellers hate the announced changes?

Somehow, people watch commercials for drugs for literally made-up diseases, think they have these diseases, and start taking drugs for them. So eBay in the media is not the only place we’re being manipulated… not by a long shot, and I won’t even get into politics! I say just start thinking for yourself more. Research and look at multiple sides of an issue. There can’t be only one side.

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