Don’t Buy RemoteProtect

Tuesday, 26 September 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Earlier this year, I got RemoteProtect from SPCSoft on Handango. It’s for Windows Mobiles, and it allows you to text your phone to lock or even completely erase it, which you would use if you felt your phone were stolen or lost and not coming back.

I set it up in May, and never had to use it since I rarely lose things or get things stolen. This past weekend, while flying back from a biz trip in Dallas, I was about 40min into the flight. My phone was on flight mode. I was listening to Windows Media Player and reading a Note (like an Outlook note). All of a sudden, RemoteProtect came up and said my phone has been locked, and I should enter the password.

I entered the password, and it said incorrect. It gave me two more chances, but said incorrect. It then erased my phone and storage card. I forced a reset while it was doing that, and when the phone came back up, I got the same message about it being locked. I put in my password, and it said password correct. But I still went through with the factory reset since everything was already gone.

I emailed the developer, and found out some interesting things. I found out that since I bought this, they had problems with people who found that their phone locked itself without getting the text message to do so. OK, that’s what happened to me, except it somehow went further. Evidently, this prompted the company to come out with a different version of the software, but I wasn’t made aware of any of this.

The developer is trying to tell me that I did this. I did a soft reset while in flight mode, and then I wrote my password incorrectly. I don’t know how I would have done a soft reset WHILE listening to music and the music still playing and me reading a note. Surely that soft reset would STOP my music. And how hard is this to believe when my problem sounds partially like problems other people had with my type of phone and the version of the software I still had?

Nope, it must be me. So I told the developer that I hope he’s very proud and confident since he’s truly the winner! I must have done all these things, and I just can’t admit them. He gets to keep his $14.99, and I still had a crappy flight, and then spent HOURS reinstalling everything on my phone.

Never should have happened. When people buy and register software, get information from them. Email them when you see that you came out with a better version for their type of phone. And when I report an issue that I know I didn’t cause, please don’t treat me like it’s my fault. Especially when all of this is over $14.99. I want my money back. I also want to bill for my entire Sunday, but I don’t think this guy is going to go for that.

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5 Responses to “Don’t Buy RemoteProtect”

  1. Peter says:

    Exactly the same thing happened to me: suddenly the software asked for the PIN and after 3 tries, it erased everything. Spicy: the PIN was correct and I was on a business trip, no way to reinstall everything. I was really lost. I decided not to install it again. MS CF2.0 is anyway way too big to install it only because of this program.

  2. Pete says:

    having just bought and installed RP 1.5, I’m curious as to which version of RP you guys had? Thanks.

  3. Debbie says:

    Wow that’s a really old blog post. I have no idea what version I bought, but I remember the guy saying that he had upgraded to a higher version that I didn’t have. Evidently he knew the older version did that!

  4. Gihan says:

    I have being testing RP version 1.5 on initially Dopod838 WM6.0, Dopod595 WM6.0 and HTC Diamond WM6.1 in order to deploy to about 30 mobile devices. Tests so far have been successful without issues. My only complaint so far is not getting a reply to an e-mail sent to two months ago. The enquiry was about the deployment methods available other than ActiveSync to install the application.

  5. Gihan says:

    Hi Again,Just an update on my previous post. I have deployed RP version 1.5 on Dopod838 WM6.0, Dopod595 WM6.0 and HTC Diamond WM6.1 successfully without issues. My original e-mail to got blocked by spam software and was never received by the developer. But my second e-mail to got through and I must say Simon was very helpful and prompt. With the information received we have deployed using cab files.
    It is a very useful application and hope this helps anyone reviewing this application.