Down With Twibler

Monday, 20 October 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Twibler. Pretty much the most awful thing I’ve seen relating to Twitter yet. Twibler so far is on the short list of things that will get me to follow you on Twitter, and then UNFOLLOW you.

What is Twibler? It’s a tool that automatically posts everything you list on eBay to your Twitter account. This means that for eBay sellers who list a fair deal, especially those with third-party tools that make listing and relisting much easier, the rest of US have to get an ongoing feed of everything you’ve put on eBay. It might look something like this screen shot, taken from the an eBay seller’s twitter feed…


If you were following this person, you would have received all of these tweets. Now, if you REALLY love this seller SO much that you want to know everything they’ve listed the second they listed it, then this tool is GREAT. But for everybody else who thought that Twitter was more about networking than spamming people with every item you have, then Twibler is the devil.

By the way, all the tinyurls are long eBay links that are shortened. And guess what. They are actually eBay Partner Network links. So as you are spamming people who thought they liked you, Twibler is making commission off your sales. You could be making that commission by dropping around your own coded links!

Note to the above seller… try keywords like NEW, pocketbook (not everybody thinks of these things as handbags or purses), and get out the dollar amount. Nobody searches for "fossil handbag $168." Do people still search for NR? You could be using better keywords, IMO.

Twibler has another tool called pricetweet. Evidently, you find an eBay item, and it will let you know when the bidding gets to a certain number. I absolutely cannot find the importance of that! Let’s say you land on an MP3 player you want. Bidding is up to $50. Maybe you have bid and maybe you have not. Pricetweet lets you enter a price at which you get a tweet telling you the item hit that price. Why would I want to know if that MP3 player is now at $80? If I’m bidding on it, eBay will tell me if I’m outbid. If I’m not bidding on it, why would I care if something I’m not bidding on reaches a certain price?

Sorry, Twibler, but I think both of your ideas stink! I don’t see the advantage to the seller or buyer here. I’m for you making affiliate revenue if you can, but am just not impressed with the tool. Twitter can do so much, and I’d like to see something really innovative that solves problems, not creates them! I have unfollowed a bunch of people using Twibler, which means now they have a much lower chance of marketing to me.

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4 Responses to “Down With Twibler”

  1. Amen to that!
    The blame also falls on the person who chooses to use Twibler. It’s apparent they don’t understand basic concept of social networking – the importance of developing relationships and contributing useful content.

  2. Lets hear another Amen!
    It’s one thing to post a special sale or promo code or announce a new product line that you are carrying.
    But to list page after page of listings is the fastest way to get someone to unfollow you.

  3. Henrietta says:

    Amen sister!
    Spam tweeting is closely akin to bird splat on your car. Spleeting (?) with poor titles is not only awful marketing it does not inspire confidence in the sellers brain power. In fact it inspires negativity in my lady dog soul. You couldn’t pay me to buy from them.
    Good post, thanks

  4. Debbie says:

    Hey, Henrietta! Thanks for the comment, and glad to see us agreeing. :)