Dr. Phil Gives Storm Alerts

Wednesday, 12 October 2005 at 7:27 am Pacific USA Time.

I just saw a long commercial for our local news team. They’re accurate, they’re in the studio, they’re in the field. Lots of clips of many people all over the place, doing their news job.

Whoever edited this was asleep at the wheel. When the commercial got to the part about weather, as it wrote STORM ALERTS on the screen (with the narrator telling you they give storm alerts), they show Dr. Phil on the screen.

Dr. Phil is part of the Tucson NBC affiliate news team? He’ll tell you about the monsoon?

I figured that it was an editing mistake, but I’ve since figured out that what they were trying to show is that they’ll "break into" their own programming to put news on the screen. You’ll watch Dr. Phil, but you’ll learn about the storm alert because they’ll superimpose it on the Dr. Phil show.

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