eBay CEO? OK, I’m Available :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I recently saw that AuctionBytes was asking readers who they would want as eBay CEO if what’s been going on this year at eBay meant a change of the guard.

Well, I just want to put everybody’s minds at ease, and let you know that should this position open at any time, I would make myself available to take this job. As we’re knee-deep in Presidential campaigning, here would be my promises (except unlike Pres campaigns, I’d keep them :) ).

If the Electoral College chooses me as your next eBay CEO…

  • We’ll get to work on an As Was eBay listing template for everybody who wants one. Considering that our average client sees their eBay sales go up 15%, DSRs up, stupid questions down, more Store traffic, higher prices, and faster sales within days of using our work, every eBay seller should have this available to him or her for free. As CEO of eBay, I need to make sure that every serious seller has ALL the tools he or she needs to be long-term successful.
  • I promise to not become Amazon Junior or more of Half.com. I will make sure that eBay innovates, as it always has, and stays a true eCommerce leader.
  • I would reduce FVFs, as you already know, to make eBay more attractive than other platforms charging similar percentages.
  • I will run national TV ads aimed at buyers, and I will run GOOD ads… not ads that make eBay shoppers look like insane, obsessed clock collectors. Shoppers are regular people getting necessities and fun things, and I want to remind them that in this economy, eBay is probably THE best place on the planet to do your shopping.
  • I will make a DSR of 4 a good rating. Nobody should be punished for getting a mark buyers are told is a good mark. You probably never grounded your kid for getting an 80 on a test.
  • I will make sure that my selling population understands what’s going on. Nobody should be surprised by being hidden in search or getting suspended. People need better communication to know what is going on, when, and how eBay expects you to react.
  • I will re-hire the Community department because eBay needs a great public face of people we like and trust. If fat has to be cut, I’ll look at middle management and Vice Presidents.
  • You’re going to get something fresh. I’ve never worked in the corporate world. I spend my life innovating and making people happy. I do a lot of eBay and online shopping, so I understand the shopper. And with my company, As Was, we have made sellers better, stronger, happier, and more profitable, even in bad times. I’ve run my own company since I’m 23, so I understand what the eBay entrepreneur lives through, 7 days a week.
  • I can pick up where Meg forgot she was going. Meg moved things forward, and then got really nostalgic about how far she moved things forward, and didn’t change enough or fix problems. That left John a HUGE pile of things to fix, and we’ve ended up with a year that reflects that.
  • I will do things that make sense. I won’t fire people, buy a company, and take out a loan in the same week because hey, that can look a little weird. That can chip away at confidence, and eBay needs that confidence from buyers and sellers.
  • I will make sure that new ideas are multidimensionally tested before you see these ideas. For example, I won’t just test "current way" vs. "new idea." I would test "current way" vs. "new idea" vs. 3 variations of the new idea. Sometimes, the new idea isn’t the best way, and just because it may test better than the old way doesn’t mean the idea can’t be improved!
  • I will connect better with third-party companies. So many of you rely on Vendio, ChannelAdvisor, and others for small tools or major enterprise systems. I’ll make sure the companies you rely on are strong, staying up to date, and helping us make the marketplace stronger and easier.
  • eBay will save lots of money. I’m happy to take a salary of $350,000 per year plus incentive-based bonuses. And please cover moving costs. :)

And there you go. I know that eBay can get past this tough year. I’m happy to steer the ship if anybody wants the Deb version. :) Did I mention that Pierre and I went to the same uni around the same time? He graduated in 1988; I started there in 1989. I double-majored in pre-med and music, but then dropped pre-med. He has a degree in computer science. See? You don’t need an MBA or fancy corporate experience to enact great ideas. :)

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5 Responses to “eBay CEO? OK, I’m Available :)”

  1. If you could please add…Get rid of buyer/seller animosity, I would sure appreciate it. It should never be seller vs. buyer or buyer vs. seller. It’s gotten to be a huge problem with both sides apparently expecting the worst..

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi, Crystal. OK, I can add that.
    Not only do I NOT want the vibe to be sellers and buyers against each other, but I also don’t want it to be sellers against eBay because they feel like it’s eBay against sellers.
    I definitely want to clean that vibe up, should I be elected. :)

  3. Here’s the blog post you inspired :)…

  4. TekGems says:

    Would you support code freeze in Q4? Bug fixing is okay, but but no new features to site? I find stability to really be an issue. The entire site does not go down, but there’s always little quirks that happen on the site.

  5. Kabgo says:

    Please do an internet seach of
    “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO Petition to Ebay Board of Directors”
    Petition to remove Donahoe can be found at petitiononline.com