eBay Developer Conference

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 at 6:02 am Pacific USA Time.

People, get the eBay Developer Conference in your calendar. Well, it's not the best event for sellers. But if you are a programmer, you should be there.

eBay has a lot of areas where people and companies can build applications for eBay buyers and sellers. You've got PayPal. You've got the eBay Partner Network, which is an affiliate system. You have eBay's API. Open eBay (formerly Project Echo and formerly Selling Manager Apps) lets you build Facebook-style apps for people on the eBay site.

And let's not forget all the possibilities for mobile applications… Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and other mobile apps. Oh I guess I should say iPad, though you know I'm no fan. :)

So next year, get to eBay Dev Con to learn of the opportunities out there for developers!

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