eBay Feedback Changes Coming 19 May 2008

Monday, 28 April 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Here are the changes coming to eBay’s feedback system starting 19 May (in the US):

  • Sellers may only leave positive feedback for buyers (at
         the seller’s option).
  • Members will receive credit for repeat Feedback (going
         back to 1996)
  • We will base the Positive Feedback Percentage on the
         past 12 months of activity (and include neutral Feedback in the
  • We will remove negative and neutral Feedback if a
         member is suspended, or when a buyer fails to respond to the Unpaid Item
  • We’ll block buyers from leaving negative or neutral
         Feedback for 7 days for active PowerSellers who have been on eBay for at
         least 12 months.
  • Members can leave Feedback up to 60 days after a
         transaction (down from 90)
  • We are introducing a new Buyer Requirement that will
         allow sellers to block bids from buyers who have been reported by other
         sellers for eBay buying policy violations (such as Feedback abuse, or
         email threats).
  • We’re also expanding the scope of the existing Buyer
         Requirement for unpaid items, so that it supports more comprehensive
         blocking of buyers who have a history of non-payment.

For those of you who aren’t fully aware of these changes, here are a few things I noticed…

  1. Negatives and neutrals will be removed when someone is NARU or doesn’t respond to the UPI process. This should help sellers. Instead of the comment and score staying with "not a registered user" under it, it looks like it will be gone and no longer count.
  2. If you’re an active PowerSeller who has been on eBay at least 12 months, they will block buyers from leaving you a negative or neutral in the first 7 days after the item ends. I think this will help too as some of my clients tell me about weird buyers who buy, pay, and then immediately leave a negative or neutral because some made-up expectation in their head of what paying would be like wasn’t met. ?!?!?!
  3. You can leave Feedback for 60 days after the item ends. I hope this is to reduce extortion from buyers who come back MONTHS later and want to return something outside the return policy, for example. I’d like to see this even lower. If we’re going to stop this sort of extortion, maybe it should be 40 days. You should know if you like something and it works with 40 days, if not sooner!
  4. The last two look like eBay proactively trying to put some stops to abusive buyers. So people who have spammed other bidders/buyers and buyers with UPIs look like they’ll get some sort of boom lowered on them too.

I think eBay is trying. They’ll evolve a lot this year, but I think they’re trying to make the site better for everybody. Execution may be clumsy at first, but I think they’re headed in the right direction.

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2 Responses to “eBay Feedback Changes Coming 19 May 2008”

  1. FYI: Today, in response to eBay’s feedback changes, a new free service for eBay sellers called RepXchange launches for a pubic beta.
    On this site, eBay sellers may anonymously pool their blocked bidder lists, aka black lists, and extract a new, custom list of blocked bidders that fits their own business profile. Now sellers can weed out bad buyers, and by extension, avoid spending needless time on re-listing, or worse, filing dispute claims.
    Read more on their blog: http://blog.repxchange.com/2008/05/14/repxchangecom-goes-live-today/

  2. One of many similar services launching right about now and soon. :)