eBay In Person

Thursday, 25 September 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Earlier this week, eBay announced "eBay In Person," a one-day event held today in Miami, FL. eBay sellers can hear a few talks and meet with eBay staff. I think the idea is for sellers to be heard.

But announcing it last minute says, "Please don’t come to this." Having no pre-registration, which means they can turn away anybody at the door, says "Please don’t come to this."

They evidently held one like this last fall in the Bay Area. That’s two events, just about a year apart. I don’t think these qualify as the "regional events" eBay promised. I think of regional events as happening more than once a year, with real registration, with real speakers and/or exhibitors, with more than 2 days notice. :)

One of my staff lives 160 miles away from Miami, and may try to see if she can go last minute. It’s evidently as much as a 5-hour drive each way for her, so I SURE hope this is worth it! But it would be interesting to have someone there who can report back what is going on.

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