eBay Live! Hotels

Monday, 24 March 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

With eBay Live! open for registration again, I noticed that hotels are once again a sticky situation. Now, I booked mine in August 2007, so I’ll be 2 miles away for $237/night. Not the best, but I try to find the best of proximity and price. Call that same hotel now, and they want $480/night. The trick is to book it when they don’t yet know there’s a convention on.

This year, on eBay’s list of hotels, one list says "under $200/night." There are three things to know about that list.

  • I mapped some of those hotels. Some are airport hotels 11 miles away. I am guessing that’s not very convenient for a daily round-trip drive in a major city.
  • I priced some of those hotels. Many were $199/night. So they are under $200/night, but let’s not imagine they are well under $200/night!
  • One of them is a hostel. As in youth hostel. As in imagine European backpackers with tiny beds in a room and the bathroom down the hallway. Well, I guess you can get a private room with a bathroom, but it’s still a backpacker’s. And eBay thinks you should stay there?!??

This was like Live! 2007, when one of the suggested lodging choices was an RV park. Anybody with an RV was going to stay at one anyway. Anybody not with an RV was probably really wondering why eBay would list that as a viable hotel choice.

If eBay Live! is going to continue, one thing they need to change is getting it in a city where hotels are more affordable. This has to be awful for the eBay sellers who want to attend!

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