eBay Seller Problems

Friday, 20 June 2008 at 7:55 pm Pacific USA Time.

There is a slide that I show when giving my marketing presentation at the Developers Conference. The whole point of that presentation is to remind Developers that the most useful tools they can build are the ones that solve seller problems. I then put up a slide of the most common seller issues that can be solved by software tools.

Without pasting the slide, it lists things like listing efficiency, shipping issues, communications issues, getting repeat buyers, having more work than staff, and the like. The point of the slide was to point out things that software developers can help.

Some angry villagers with torches have complained in another blog that I need to update that list because I am just not covering all of eBay sellers’ problems. Well, I know that sellers have new complaints and issues… I’m more aware of these than most people given the number of sellers I personally deal with! But the point of my presentation was seller problems that can be solved by software and tools… not every complaint sellers have even if they can’t be solved by software and tools.

eBay Developers are always looking for good ideas. If you can list seller problems that can be helped or fixed by software or tools, please respond to this post. If you are just going to complain about eBay and your sales, your response may not remain. Thanks.

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