Edited for Television

Wednesday, 26 April 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We’ve all seen things that have been edited for television. Scenes of movies are taken out. Scenes are re-shot. Audience reactions are added.

I recently saw something edited for TV that I didn’t expect to see. A man on a game show was doing very well. Winning lots of money. Playing for a while. He was wearing a light brown shirt, and when he celebrated his increasing winnings, you could see dark underarm sweat marks.

If you looked at the right time.

When he raised his arms, one of two things typically happened. The camera angle changed and the shot was further away. OR they digitally edited the image to put two large, light-brown coloured spots over the sweat marks. Someone decided that even though the game is portrayed as VERY exciting and maybe a bit stressful, nobody should have sweat marks. They actually digitally edited a number of scenes so you didn’t see the sweat marks.

It was done sloppily enough for me to notice. There’s some odd editing.

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