eHarmony Got One Right

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 at 10:26 am Pacific USA Time.

Well, I never thought I'd say this, but eHarmony seems to have gotten one right. If you read my blog, you know they got a lot wrong… and continue to. Looking at 9 new matches this morning, most sucked. Why? It's what they write in their profiles, which is not eHarmony's fault. It's about how you market yourself. I do not want to get to know the guy who says he's most passionate about UFC and mastiffs, nor do I want to meet the guy who filled out the profile with "I'll write more later."

eHarmony matched me with a guy I'm calling Mr DJ. In the world of my personal life, I'd like to keep things a little more anonymous. But this whole thing has really made me think about marketing as well as human connection. So I'm blogging!

Mr DJ was the first person eHarmony sent me, so it was really exciting. I read his profile, and I was like, "Wow, I want to get to know this guy." We went through the eHarmony questions process, but certainly made it our own, such as when he asked me if I ever expect the Spanish Inquisition. We soon moved to some emails, connecting on Facebook, and some Skype chats. Then Skype with webcams and phone calls.He has the best speaking voice I've ever heard… but I didn't nickname him Mr DJ for no reason!

We started communicating for hours at a time, nearly every day. We were clearly getting along well, had a good amount in common, laughed a lot on the phone, and were becoming friends. He was/is easy to trust, articulate, insightful, and crazy damn funny. Was there chemistry? Could this be more than friends? It was too early to say, but we were clearly feeling connected.

We don't live near each other, so we decided to meet… this past weekend. It was really short, and centred around me having tickets for an Eddie Izzard show in California. But we got to meet. It was so comfy and good. Lots of laughing. We had a great time, and want to continue getting to know each other, and plan another time for us to get together (in person). Takin' it slow.

So thanks, eHarmony. I can't believe you found me someone who seems to be a really, really close match. You still send me piles of crappy people, but luckily, Mr DJ reminds me to have high standards, and not bother connecting with anybody who doesn't seem like a good match.

And guys, please write better profiles! Marketing! Make me want to get to know you!

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