eHarmony, Part 4

Thursday, 30 March 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I did have one good match from eHarmony. Not a soul mate or future husband, but a nice guy with some similar beliefs and likes. He wasn’t from my area, but was coming through me area, so we met for breakfast.

We laughed and shared eHarmony stories, and I said that I think the best connections of my life have been made through a website I run that’s a discussion forum for people who like the same band. I didn’t say what site that was since I wanted to be somewhat anonymous!

We ended up talking about some of the music we like, and he suggested I listen to Split Enz. I told him to back up… remember that website I run for fans of the same band? It’s Split Enz. He says, "You run the frenz forum?" Yes I do!

So fancy that. eHarmony matched me with someone who really has things in common with me! He reads a website I run, and he’s into a lot of the same music. I think we’ll be friends. Thanks, eHarmony. :)

As for finding love, I’m not sure I’d recommend eHarmony unless you’re dying for a wife or your biological clock is super-ticking. It seems to be a site filled with people who really are marriage-geared. Being friend-geared, I guess I just wasn’t finding the right people.

For those of you who thought it was a religious site, the founders or intention may have come from their religion, but you can pick which religions you wanted in your matches.

eHarmony. Decent advertising, but the site itself is truly odd in function, features, limitations, and presentation. As this was an experiment, I cancelled my membership there… therefore, if you use eHarmony, you will not run the "risk" :) of being matched with me.

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