El Tour De Tucson

Wednesday, 30 November 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

19 Nov was El Tour De Tucson, a bicycle event in our town. The longest path was 108 miles, and they had shorter versions for people who didn’t want to ride the whole way. Nearly 8000 people rode, and they said they even came from other countries. So I guess our city and hotels must have been packed.

The interesting thing is that for a one-day event, they said that it brought $14M to the Tucson economy. $14M for a one-day event, though I’m sure people stayed and ate in town longer than one day. Tucson should come up with more events like this! We could really boost the economy with special events that attract people from all over. Why not do this more often? Seems like a win-win. The only downside from the point of view of being a resident was that police were directing traffic around most of the town so that the riders could have the right of way. So you couldn’t get to places as fast as you’d want to.

But it was still fun to see. I guess the rules weren’t as serious as the Tour De France. I saw people on racing bikes, mountain bikes, there were kids, and there were people on those bikes where you’re almost laying down and your legs are out in front of you. There were tandem bikes, as in two riders on the same bike. I saw lots of parent/child combinations on those, and I even saw a tandem version of the one where it looks like you’re laying down.

Good marketing for The Old Pueblo, as Tucson is called.

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