Feel-Good Romantic Comedy

Friday, 28 December 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

All month, I’ve been seeing ads for a new movie I won’t be going to see. According to ads earlier this month, "PS I Love You" is about a woman who is totally in love with her husband. He loves her. This sounds great! He evidently dies early in the movie. She receives letters from him after he dies. And according to the ads, these letters and things he asks her to go and do evidently help her deal with his death. The ads show her getting drunk and singing karaoke. I’m not sure any of the things she is doing would help me deal with my husband dying. But this is a movie.

The ads changed. In mid-December, I noticed the ads stopped mentioning that the husband dies. Scenes with him are in the commercials MORE. The voice-over tells me this is the best romantic comedy of the season. They still show her getting drunk and singing karaoke. They just don’t mention why. So now, someone who is just seeing these ads won’t realise that this "romantic comedy" is about a woman’s husband dying. Evidently her trying to pick up the pieces after his sudden death is the fodder for comedy.

Did the movie get recut this month? Will I really find a young widow dealing with her young husband’s death funny? Does a movie like this come out every Xmas? I feel like every Xmas, we’re hit with a movie about a young couple being torn apart by one of them suddenly dying or finally succumbing to a deadly disease. I just don’t remember those marketed as COMEDIES.

Well, I’m not too worried. I imagine nobody will go see this movie anyway. But the commercials are bothering me.

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