Flash Forward Is My Life

Friday, 2 October 2009 at 7:20 pm Pacific USA Time.

I have a bizarre, life-long history with dreams.

I have had dreams with friends in them, and when we compared notes, we had the same dreams, each from our points of view.

I have had dreams that gave me information that I couldn't have otherwise had, and the info ended up true.

I have had dreams that have come true. They normally come true within a couple of days of having the dream.

In March, I was working on getting one of my staff to come back, and she had promised to return to work after an absence. I dreamt that she didn't come back, and completely quit. Two days later, she emailed me that she wasn't coming back.

In December 2008, I had a dream that the pendant I was wearing snapped in half. I'd been wearing it just about every day since I got it in the summer of 1998. It seemed extremely unlikely. Later that day, I was packing boxes to move. In slow motion, my necklace got caught on something plastic I was moving, and the pendant snapped in half.

I remember having a terrible flu and bad fever in the 1990s. My family was going on vacation, and I was too sick to go. So they bought me some Chunky soups, and were leaving me home to recover on my own. I was hallucinating from the fever, and kept yelling, "Your plane is going to crash!" I don't remember saying that, but I remember them being scared that it was going to come true because I was so rarely wrong about random stuff. The plane didn't crash.

I like to joke that I'm the Christopher Walken psychic character in Saturday Night Live… he was able to foresee people's ice cream headaches, and really mundane things. I guess I mostly see mundane things. And then they come true. But when they do, I feel more prepared for them.

But last night was another thing altogether. And this isn't uncommon for me either.

I fell asleep early. Around 11pm, I started tossing and turning, and became aware of my dream. I was sitting across a restaurant table from a friend. It was dinner. The place was dark. Mostly candle-lit and dim lighting. I've never seen this place. In the dream, he wanted to know why I had been asking him so many times to hang out with me. He seemed unsure if I were trying to date him or just hang out as friends, and in the dream, he was asking me to explain myself.

The relevant back story would be that I moved to a new town about 5 months ago, and have wanted to hang out with this guy, who also lives in the area. Nothing had come together yet, but I hadn't stopped trying to coordinate something we could go out and do. Just as friends. So I've asked more than a few times to get together over the last 5 months. The most recent had been earlier in the day.

I tried to fall back asleep, but the dream was still going. I remember sitting at the table in the dream thinking OK, I need to explain this to this guy… that I'm not trying to ask him out, but I just want to hang out as friends. How do I explain this to him without it being really awkward, I'm asking myself in the dream.

I tossed and turned with this dream for about an hour because it kept replaying on a loop. Around midnight, I just decided I was awake, and I turned the internet on on my phone. Emails started pouring in. I checked my personal account first, and found a message from the guy in the dream. It said:

Just to avoid any misunderstanding, you don't have expectations of being more than good friends, right? Hope that's not weird to ask:/

Well, it wasn't weird to ask since it was in my head for the last hour. The email was marked as 10:36pm, about 24 minutes before I half-woke up to be conscious of my dream. Well, now the door was open, and I could email back that yes, I just wanted to be friends, and I wanted to hang out now that we live in the same area because I always have a good time with him when I run into him, etc… Awkward conversation had and out of the way.

Welcome to my world. 

And I hope my friend will hang out with me. He's a nice guy, and we'd have fun. Yes, just as friends. Everybody relax. :)

So the TV show Flash Forward is very interesting to me. I like the idea of people getting a glimpse of a future that seems to be coming true. I have no idea where they're going with the plot. But watching it reminds me of me in some small way. :)

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One Response to “Flash Forward Is My Life”

  1. ebuyerfb says:

    I once had a dream where I was in the Houston airport (I was living there temporarily on contract at the time) and watched a plane take off and crash. Then later in the dream the entire city was filled with smoke from terrorism attacks. While at the airport I ran into one of my old physics professors, from when I was an undergrad, and walked around the city with him while it was in chaos.
    About four months later I had an interview with a company in San Francisco and one of the layovers was in Houston. And it just happens that one of the guys on the plane looks just like that same professor from the dream. I don’t know if it was him or not since I do have difficulty recognizing most people but I’m almost 100% certain it was. The flight went ok.