Four Hour Work Week book

Friday, 22 August 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I just read the Four Hour Work Week book, finally. From what I can tell, the message of the book is mainly this:

Find a product you can sell. It doesn’t have to be something you created. You can grab drop shippers or ebooks or something you can sell. Get someone else to ship it. Keep your day job but find a way to work from home so you can also run your business.

But don’t run your business. You should outsource just about everything. Don’t answer your email more than once a day. Don’t check voice mails more than once a day. Get everybody else to do everything else. Outsource everything to India if you can because they’ll take like $6 per hour to do things you don’t have to make time to do.

Note: I checked into the two companies he suggested hiring. Both want around $15 USD per hour. Given the American economy, you can probably get Americans to do this now!

Well, what if drop shippers don’t work? Many sellers I know find that they just don’t. The margins aren’t there, especially when other people with that product could be authorised dealers or even the manufacturer. Selling ebooks and packs of ebooks is not what it used to be. That’s lost its shine. :)

And I don’t work for somebody else who might let me work from home. I work from me, and I work from home. :) I am not going to ship a product.

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