Good Riddance, Palm Pre

Saturday, 21 November 2009 at 9:51 pm Pacific USA Time.

Palm Pre, I gave you a chance, and now, it's time for us to break up. I need to walk away from unhealthy relationships.

I dumped Windows Mobile for you. I had a bunch of HTCs running WinMo. I was happy and productive. They were getting a little slow, but man, I was getting things done and multitasking. The Pre promised so much, especially to us multitaskers and heavy email users.

The Pre has so much wrong with it at the very foundation that I have been running FIFTY patches just to make it viable. For example, without any patches, the Pre makes a sound. It could be anything. Low battery. New email. Text message. Voice mail alert. You'll never know! You have to pull the phone out to see what it was. And the by the time you pull the phone out, the screen has gone off and back into lock mode. So you have to turn it on, unlock it, and see what it was.

I thought I could live with lots of band-aids, but it's been nearly 5 months with this phone, and I'm tired of two things. One is the major lack of apps. I really was missing the apps I was using under WinMo… ProfiMail, PockeTwit, Skype, TomTom navigation (and you don't need a data connection!), SPB Pocket Plus (and Diary), Slick (unified messenger), and more.

The other has to do with the OS just not making sense for how I use it. It's like they wanted an iPhone competitor, but didn't think about how power users use stuff. The patches helped, but still weren't enough. And then the new OS came out last week.

Someone kill me.

The new OS killed the "delete email from server" feature from email. I delete emails on the Pre. They still show up in Outlook. Outlook deletes them from the server. The Palm syncs, and doesn't delete them. I have to delete emails twice. It's nearly 2010. Surely, we can perfect this. Nope, Palm's official word on their forums is that this now works correctly, and that anybody who disagrees doesn't really understand POP3.

And time zones are now messed up. I just got a text message that shows up as 8:43pm. It's 9:43pm. My text reply timestamps at 9:44pm. So messed up. I don't need this crap, and I have better things to do than to keep taping a phone back together with all kinds of patches.

Screen are slow to come up. An email that comes in, I can wait a minute for the text to come up on the screen. Text message comes in? The Palm seems to load every message to and from that person ever from some remote online backup before showing me what he/she said. Slow. Stupid slow.

I don't have time to be this non-productive. I don't have time to try to make any lame piece of equipment work the way I need it to. Windows Mobile did everything I needed, and was pretty reliable. So I'm going to go to the Sprint store, and I'm going to get the HTC Touch Pro 2. The HTC 6700 and 6800 I had served me very well for many years, and I'm just going to stick with what I know works. I know WinMo may not be the hottest OS right now, but right now, I need to be functional.

This is a warning. Those of you thinking about getting the Palm Pre? Don't bother. I know it's now on fire sale for like $50 in some places. Not worth it. If you are a light user and don't care about personalising the phone with sounds or helpful things, then you might like it. But I need something better than this. Palm over-promised and under-delivered.

Good luck, Palm.

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3 Responses to “Good Riddance, Palm Pre”

  1. Krazyeric says:

    I was afraid Palm was pretty much doomed when I first played with a pre. And I was a huge Palm/Handspring back in the day. I’d give Android or the iPhone a try tho before going back to WinMo. Phone manufacturers are dropping I like lead. WinMo now accounts for less than 12% of smartphone sales. Even Motorola is dropping it. I switched to the iPhone from a winmo moto Q and would loathe going back. I run 3 eBay businesses and a consulting company from the road so easy quick access to info is paramount. Only iPhone complaint is lack of ability to tether. But the iPhone os and webkit are so robust that I rarely need to tether on the road anymore. Android is going to be the other big player in the smartphome market. Blackberry’s big in the corporate world but I’m a one man show and need a device oriented to doing it all, doing it well and doing it now.

  2. ebuyerfb says:

    Why are you using POP3 and not IMAP?

  3. I didn’t know my server could do IMAP. I’m IMAP as of last week. :)