Googling Us Tells You…

Tuesday, 29 January 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

This weekend, I was in a discussion with someone who wanted to find out more about my company. They wanted more than what I had to say about which, which is GREAT. I wish more people did more digging! They even wanted something outside of the eBay website. Again, great. Please research companies before doing business with them!

They said they Googled us and didn’t find much other than eBay pages, our blogs, our website, our eBay workshops, some radio interviews, and that was mostly it. I forgot to ask them what they THOUGHT they’d find, but I get the feeling they expected to find all kinds of nasty things people would be putting on the internet.

But you won’t find that. And not because I had it removed. :)

I make sure that my whole team treats every client we have like they are make or break our reputation. We try to go above and beyond where appropriate, and we try to make people feel like we always have time for them. People like that! OK, we’re not perfect and sometimes a relationship goes sour, but luckily it’s rare. I would say we’re mostly quite successful in making people happy.

So you’re more likely to find a discussion forum saying we’re nice people :) or we helped people or maybe they’re fans of our workshops and classes. But if you Google us or me by name, you’re just not going to find the typical vinegar and complaints that you might find about other companies.

Do your homework! Always research companies. See if you can find out if they used to operate under another name. Look for the CEO’s name or your sales person’s name. Dig dig dig! Hopefully, you’ll find that you’re considering doing business with someone great. If they’re not great, hopefully you’ll find things online that will help you save your time and money, and make a better choice.

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One Response to “Googling Us Tells You…”

  1. vic says:

    It was looking all warm and fuzzy for ya until you had to write that out loud – knocking on wood won’t do a thing for that one!!