Guaranteed Traffic

Thursday, 20 December 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I just had a conversation with someone who had just about been sold on some sort of website that was going to have 50,000 drop shipped products. Most of you already know that I find that business model to fail more than it succeeds, and I’m stlil waiting for someone to tell me they succeeded with something like that!

What was interesting was that the guy on the phone was sure it was going to work because the company that was offering this system was promising him that over the course of a year, he’d get "100,000 in traffic." 100K hits? 100K unique visitors?

More importantly, will he sell anything? Guaranteed traffic is easy. I get emails from companies in India wanting to know if I want to hire them to hit websites and click on links where clicking on links makes people money. That means that I could promise people traffic, and then hire one of these Indian companies to hit those websites, therefore providing the promised traffic. Hey, I promised 100,000 hits to your website over a year, and wow, you got over 100,000 hits over a year. But are those qualified leads? Are those shoppers?

When I shop online, I am nearly never shown a website that has 50,000 drop ship products. They don’t show up in my search results. They probably don’t show up in my search results because the "owner" of such a website is not the target audience for strong search engine marketing. He’s doing a website like this usually to be cheap… hey, I don’t have to look at these products, I don’t have to ship them, I don’t have to take them back. It’s cheap and easy, and they’ll sell in my sleep.

And why shouldn’t he think that? That’s what the commercial or infomercial or seminar promised. I hear those commercials all the time now on XM Radio. Just set up this website with products you don’t have to deal with, and they will just sell in your sleep. Really? I’ve been consulting with online sellers for nearly 13 years, and I know NOBODY making money like this. You’d think I’d meet somebody by now who made the money the commercials claim you can make, but no, I haven’t.

So beware of anybody guaranteeing traffic. If your system is so great, why not tell me what I can reasonably expect to sell each month that I run that website, and how much time and effort I have to put into marketing and advertising the website to achieve that average. Then, we’ll all have something realistic on which to base decisions. Just promising "traffic" when I make no money solely from traffic (I would make money from buyers, not visitors) really means nothing.

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