Hiring: eCommerce Installation and Customisation

Monday, 20 September 2010 at 10:45 pm Pacific USA Time.

We need someone in North America. We design, install, and customise eCommerce websites like Volusion, Magento, ProStores, Zen Cart, and others. I need someone who can get our designs in, and then do some customsations clients might need like page layouts.

We've done this for years, and lately, I cannot find someone in North America who is awesome at this and wants the work. They reported on TV tonight that nearly 17% of the country is out of work. Surely there must be a genius eCommerce programmer type stuck in that 17% who would like to work with us.

Not being able to find a good North American person, I've tried sending some of this work to India. Time and time again, I am disappointed with the work and communication. I want someone who speaks my language, works on my country's time, and sees things more wholistically. For example, when I ask for categories in a drop down menu where the project is a redesign of a LIVE and existing eCommerce website, please use the client's existing categories. An Indian company given that task recently created a whole bunch of new categories (in a LIVE store), and pressured me to pay, even though the work was nowhere near what I had asked for… and wasn't even logical. Why ignore the categories the guy already had, and the hundreds of products in those categories?

I'm tired of offshore companies over-promising what they can do. I want a great person in North America who cares about the relationship, and will impress me every time. Please get in touch from our website inquiry page. Most of the fields on there won't apply, but just fill it out and send it in. I need you RIGHT AWAY.


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