How To Get Me To Accidentally Insult You

Thursday, 19 July 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Well, this has happened twice now, so I wanted to mention it in case I can head this off at the pass in the future!

Time 1: A guy comes up to me at eBay Live, and tells me the eBay seller that he says he works for. He tells me he’s responsible for their design, and he wants to get freelance work for me. I tell him I’m familiar with that seller, and I’ll get in touch with him later. I scan his badge.

After the show, I email him that we’re probably not a good match since I didn’t really like the design work for that seller, and we take another approach. He wrote me back basically saying that he was one of the principals of the company, and look at how much success they’ve achieved. WHOA. You asked me for a JOB. You wanted to design for me, and you showed me ONE thing that I happened to not like. I wrote back that I do respect and admire his business, but as he was asking me to hire him as a designer, I happened to not like the work he showed me.

Time 2: A guy emails me from the contact form on his website. He didn’t write anything in the comments box, but he did check off that he was interested in our eBay Consulting. He included his eBay ID, so I went and looked at his listings.

I didn’t like his listings at all, so I wrote him back that we can certainly do a new template for him, but that we would go in a very different direction than the template he has now. I really wouldn’t keep much of what he has in his template now because we find that some of what he has in there now could be working against his sales.

He wrote back that his template was award-winning and great, and he didn’t want us to change it. He was really writing to me to see if I would hire him to design templates. I wrote back that we don’t design in the style he showed me, so I don’t think we’d be a match.

Side note: I have often found that award-winning and insanely-money-making-that-can-be-directly-attributed-to-the-template-design are often two different things. With the stats we have on how our clients’ businesses grow, and seeing what type of work wins awards, if they’re mutually exclusive, I’ll be OK not winning awards right now. :)

In closing, if you are thinking of having us hire you, you may want to make that clear up front. If you are a talented designer who can design in many different styles (like our artists), please send me work that reflects that! If you want to be judged on one thing, send me one thing, and I’ll happily judge you on that. :) Otherwise, if you really are looking for freelance work, you’d need to show me how broadly your creativity goes. I don’t mean to insult anybody, but it looks like I accidentally did with both of these people. Apologies to them.

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