How To Get Me To Hang Up On You

Monday, 3 May 2010 at 1:42 pm Pacific USA Time.

Guys calls my music business phone line. Tells me he's a drummer, and he would like to get a list of everybody who works at my company. He wants that so that he can try to get my staff to find him drumming work.

I'm not OK with that. My staff are very unlikely to want to go to bat for some guy they don't know. And my staff are not here to market you, random, unnamed guy. It doesn't make sense to expose my staff and the important celebrities they know to anybody who calls. And with blocked caller ID, who KNOWS who this guy is, and what he would really do with that information!

I told him I did not think we would do that. His response was, "Well, is there someone else there I can talk to, or are you just the secretary."

(That's how to get me to hang up on you.)

I replied, "Sir, I own the company," and hung up on him. He called back. I decided to not answer. He left a voice mail saying that was going to tell all his celebrity friends to watch out for me.

Are these the same celebrity friends not hiring you right now? So many celebrity friends that you needed to call me try to get access to my and my team's celebrity friends?

Just a tip. When you do something stupid, APOLOGISE. It goes MUCH farther than threatening to hurt my business.

Another tip. Don't call a company to ask strangers to give up all their celebrity contacts to you. Not gonna happen.

I said good day. :)

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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One Response to “How To Get Me To Hang Up On You”

  1. Hillary says:

    Dude, nothing pisses me off more than being called the secretary of my own damn company. I admire your restraint in only hanging up I probably would have given them an earful!!