How to Sleep When You Can’t Breathe

Wednesday, 23 January 2008 at 8:11 am Pacific USA Time.

I’m going to give some of my personal pseudo-medical advice today given that I’m sick and working from bed. Hello.

I have a cold and can’t breathe through my nose. Those of you who’ve experienced that know that you’re in for a crappy night of mouth breathing. That always dries my throat and wakes me in pain. But I found a way to fix it. Seriously!

Go buy baby oil gel. That’s what it’s call. Not baby oil. Not aloe vera gel. "Baby oil gel." It’s often found in the baby care aisle. I get mine in Target. Get the ones without any smells so that it’s as plain as can be. Baby oil gel is similar to vaseline but not so thick. It’s not so moisturising, but it sure stays on a while like vaseline. Maybe vaseline would work with this idea too but I haven’t tried it.

You take a bit of the baby oil gel and wipe it on the roof of your mouth, as far back as you can go without causing yourself to throw up. :) If you can get it back there up top, that’s great. That’s the part that dries out the most for me.

Now, you can mouth breathe and it won’t dry out because the incoming air is hitting the layer of baby oil gel. As you swallow, it’ll wear away, but I’ll wake up and put a bit more on, and get back to sleep.

I know it’s weird, but it works for me. Obviously, baby oil gel is not for eating, so you’ll want to swallow it as little as possible!

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