How Your Wish Your Staff Operated

Sunday, 25 October 2009 at 7:50 am Pacific USA Time.

I went into a local Greek place last week to order lunch to take home. It was after the lunch rush. Two tables had patrons, there was nobody behind the counter, and I didn't see a waitress.

I walked up to the counter, and a girl offered to take my order. I gave her my order. She got a guy out from the back, and had him put the order in.

I then noticed she didn't have an apron or anything, and asked if she really worked there. She said yes, but her shift just ended.

So she could have let me wait. Or she could have asked somebody to come deal with me. But she took my order. I found out her name is Nicole.

I watched her tell the guy behind that counter that a certain table was still waiting for his check. The guy printed out the check. She put it in the sleeve, and dropped it off at his table.

Another waitress then came out from the back.

You want all your staff to be like Nicole. She cared. She took action when she could have passed it off or waited for someone else. She could have walked to the back to ignore me. After all, her shift was over.

There are good staff out there. Even waitresses. :) You can find them, and then you should treat them well and reward them.

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