How To Bring Down An Empire

Monday, 26 March 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I was just reading a blog post about how you can make THOUSANDS each month selling e-books. Of course, the article wanted you to buy this person’s treasure trove of e-books that you can resell.

This seems odd to me. What are these e-books? Who is buying them? Are they that informative? If you really wanted that many e-books, why not just buy the whole CD of all of them and read them all?

There’s an easy way to bring down this empire, which would mean that these people would HAVE to stop claiming how much money people make from selling e-books… that they’d no longer be selling. With the whole resell rights, these e-books are almost like a chain letter.

Stop reading e-books that people buy in bulk with "resell rights." Search the web for what you want to know. Check blogs. Check Wikipedia. Is there really any information in these e-books that can’t be found somewhere else? I say boycott cheap e-books with "resell rights." If you’re buying them to resell them, and the next guy is buying them to resell them, this just all seems very silly.

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Categories: Just An Observation

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