How To Get Me To Buy Something

Monday, 30 April 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I buy online all the time, but I will not buy from "internet marketing" sites. Where do I buy (when I’m not buying from eBay :) )?

What kind of site sells me something? One that is professional, well written, nicely designed, easy to get around, and respects me. One that’s not based on fear (you’re lacking security, you’re not with Web 2.0 baby!, you’re wasting time and money). One that doesn’t need my email address to show me more information. Look at OK, it’s corporate and no fun, but it takes itself seriously. The products don’t need 18 pictures of guys who want to tell you how great it is. The products and reputation speak for themselves.

It doesn’t have to be Symbol. I’m thinking about buying from these guys: It’s not the most amazing site ever, but it gives me all the info I need without the fluff I don’t want. I don’t need 18 testimonials on how great this is. I don’t need to get my email address collected. I don’t need them to try and convince me that this is a secret… after all, how long does a really great product stay a "secret"? If it’s that good, people will buzz about it, and it won’t be a secret. Evidently these internet marketing products stay secrets that people just don’t want you to have!

Maybe it’s just me. I never felt peer pressure. Growing up, when people said "nyah nyah" or "my ____ is better," I didn’t say, "Oh yeah?!?!" I’d be more likely to say, "And your point is…?" So I don’t get swept in made-up tides in these internet marketing messages about how all these other people are finding success and making money, and I’m just not. All of these guys can pretend they are creating the most elite club of people who know about this product, but I’m not driven by needing to feel like part of an elite club.

So you tell me. Have you ever felt swayed by these internet marketing pages? Did you buy it? Was it everything it said it would be? Did you become one of their testimonials? Let’s hear it!

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