How To Ride An Escalator

Tuesday, 18 July 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I used to ride the escalators at New York City’s 53rd & 3rd subway
station back in the just-out-of-university days. My weekday job was a few blocks
away. I found it odd that they played an audio message over the escalator that
among other things said:

"Escalators are for passengers only. No large packages over 5 feet."

I’m over 5 feet tall. What do I do? Meanwhile, how do you reconcile
"passengers only" with packages under 5 feet? So escalators are for people and
medium-sized parcels. The announcement is lying to me!

I also felt at the time that the people who may have needed to hear that
escalators are for people may not have understood the language in which the
announcement was broadcast (English), but that was just a guess.

The rest of us can just be insulted that the NYC Transit Authority seems to
think we need an announcement reminding us how to use an escalator. What’s the
target demo on that announcement? What problem does that message fix?


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