I Could Live at Disney World

Tuesday, 12 May 2009 at 5:50 am Pacific USA Time.

I've done the math. Disney Extra Value Resorts at Walt Disney World, Florida used to run around $80/night with tax. 30 nights of that would be $2400/month. That's not far from the rent I pay now! I know people paying more than that in rent.

And they'll clean my room every day!

Disney's dining plan… 2 full meals and one snack each day for $40/day. That's $1200/month. OK, that's more than I spend now on food, but hey, I can eat anything in any Disney restaurant any time. That's neato. :)

And for a few hundred, I can have an unlimited park pass as a FL resident. :)

I can save even more money by moving into the local Comfort Inn. I can have my room cleaned every day! And the room seems to run around $40/night after tax. Hey, that's $1200/mo, which is like half the rent I'm paying now.

I could live at Disney World. What the hell. :)

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Categories: That's Good Marketing

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5 Responses to “I Could Live at Disney World”

  1. Comments from Frooition employees will continue to be deleted.
    You guys really need a hobby. Or some business to keep you busy.

  2. permacrisis says:

    Deb, this is simply the most optimistic e-commerce blog post I have ever seen, anywhere. It could be the basis of a bestseller yet unwritten. If Barbara Ehrenreich can do it, surely you can.
    Go for it!

  3. tula says:

    Not to mention, Florida has no income tax (unless they added one during this economic crisis?)

  4. Leonard says:

    Rent only a bit below $2400 per month!
    I am an old guy, and in light of this it now suddenly seems that my greatest coup in an otherwise rather undistinguished economic life was when I came into a little money a decade ago and used it to buy a tiny house downtown.
    If only I had been that prescient more than once…

  5. Sea World says:

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