I Live In A Resort Vacation

Monday, 20 September 2010 at 5:16 am Pacific USA Time.

A handful of old ladies and I are standing in a pool doing water aerobics. People are swimming laps. Other people are on lounge chairs, working on their tans. People with tennis rackets walk by as people in golf carts zoom back from early tee times. The day is bright and hot, and there is a strong smell of hamburgers coming from the cafe.

Add killing my sister in shuffleboard, and you have every Christmastime memory of hanging at at Evil Grandma Rose's retirement condo in Delray Beach, Florida from my formative years. But that description was Saturday morning here in Tucson. I work out and take exercise classes at the local country club, which costs almost nothing to join and then $90/month for a single person. That's nothing for a country club.

Or I could have gone to the pool or gym at my apartment complex. Sitting here in my apartment, I have no lights on. The place is so bright that when people see me on webcams, I'm blindingly backlit. I've got extra tall ceilings and ceiling fans. A wrap-around, L-shaped balcony looking at the mountains. This apartment complex, like many in my area, was built to look and feel more like a time share than a traditional apartment.

They say that Tucson has 320 sunny days a year. I think it's more. Even the days when we get rain start out sunny. Cobalt blue skies, many days with no clouds, the moon out all day. It's picturesque. Cactus everywhere. Tucson is surrounded by 5 mountain ranges, and they all look close. I'm at 2640 feet in altitiude, and the top of the mountain I'm looking at is around 9100 feet. But it looks like it's in my back yard. Comparatively, Phoenix is a flat city with a few hills people think are amazing. :)

Every time I go somewhere, I miss Tucson, and can't wait to get back. Many hotel rooms are SMALLER than my apartment's bedroom and master bathroom. Sure, we get seasons. You have to not mind 104 degrees, and I don't. In the winter, a 50 degree day feels sub-zero to locals. You'll see us in layers of fleece, winter coats, and gloves. :) We're thinking about warmer places in the winter, even as we laugh at the TV reports of feet of snow everywhere else.

No hurricanes or tornados. No snow. No twisters or earthquakes. Terrorists don't seem to want to bomb us. OK, we get a rainy season. Part of a resort vacation is being able to totally relax. If you live in the better parts of town here, it's safe and relaxing all the time.

Tucson also has the top spas (and rehab centres (!) ) in the country. It's so beautiful and inspiring here that people come to change their lives… and then leave. Why leave? I'm staying. :) For spa junkies, we have Miraval, Canyon Ranch, Westward Look, and spas at some top resorts like our JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Loews, Omni, and Hilton.

People think it's weird I'm here. They expect me in a major city, especially some place related to my work and industry. They expect me in NY or Silicon Valley. Maybe even the DC area or Chicago or Dallas. Tucson? OK, it's a little out of the way, but it's near perfection.

It's like living in a vacation every day.

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