I Went To The Police

Wednesday, 28 March 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I went to the police station on Monday. I would have gone earlier, but they keep regular business hours. !!!!

On Saturday morning just after midnight (Friday night to those who were still awake), I got a voice mail on the office line. It ran the max length a Vonage voice mail can (over 5 minutes), and it was from someone I don’t know and a number I don’t know. When I listened to the voice mail, I was surprised to hear that it was a drunk-sounding woman fighting with a man who is evidently her boyfriend. He didn’t sound drunk.

They seem to have no idea that they’re on my voice mail. They are in an argument. He was supposed to make something right, he promised, and he didn’t do it. He finally admits that he didn’t, and he’s sorry. She tells him that’s not good enough because he promised he would make it right, and he has to make it right. He doesn’t seem to want to make it right. She is sounding angrier. The voice mail ends, and I have no idea what happened.

What would you do? I think most people would erase it because it’s a wrong number. I didn’t. I put it on a CD and I brought it to the police. On the off-chance that this argument turned into violence for either of these people, someone would want to know what happened before it got violent. Because if one of those people went missing after that argument, someone would want to know what happened just before.

You might say, well what are the chances that it turned violent or police got involved? The chances are tiny, right? To me, the chances are 50%. Either it got violent or it didn’t. I’ve dated people with temper and anger problems. I can tell you that situations and discussions/fights go fine until they don’t. That anybody is capable of anything in any moment. I have dated people who would seem fine and logical and sorry and then SNAP.

And if a fight I were in got somehow recorded by someone’s voice mail, I would want to know that someone cared what happened to me next. Thanks to technology, I have this person’s phone number AND her name from caller ID. The police can track her local precinct down, and see if anything got reported. I hope nothing was reported, but just in case, those people can know that somebody out there cared. I don’t have to call a stranger and ask if everybody’s OK. The police can do that for me.

Make waves. Stand up and say something. Don’t stand by and watch while people hurt each other or consider hurting each other. If you want to see a better world, start with what you can do. And know that you can do a lot. Stop defending or enouraging bullies.

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One Response to “I Went To The Police”

  1. ValerieH says:

    The name of my Live Journal site is “No Innocent Bystanders Allowed”. This is because I share the feeling that, if we get involved when we sense trouble for others, we are contibuting to good karma in the world. Doing something for another person–even if we don’t know them—maybe especially if we don’t know them–is a good thing. Don’t just stand by and watch things unfold badly for another human being, if you can help at all.
    For myself, if I had ever been lucky enough for anyone to do what you did, then maybe I would have saved myself some years of abuse and brutality. Just a thought.
    This viewpoint has gotten me in trouble; it has broken my heart. But I would never change this quality in me–if I help one person, then it’s all worth it.