I Will Call Until You Answer

Tuesday, 21 February 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I hate when people call me over and over in a row. I can’t answer their call, so they let it ring and ring and ring. They could leave a voice mail, but they hang up and call back.

Evidently, this is urgent! This is huge! They’ve called a second or third time IN A ROW.

And haven’t left a voice mail. It’s that urgent. They always call back later or another day, and when I finally talk to them, it’s always something like, "Oh, I was just wondering about your company’s services."

I don’t want to burn a bridge, but I’m always tempted to ask where the fire was when they called over and over as if they were the most important thing I could possibly do in that moment. I don’t ask. But I wonder what they’re thinking!

I don’t do that to people unless I consider it EXTREMELY important or I’m not sure I called the right number. Of course, if they listen to the voice mail, they’ll know they have the right number.


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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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