Iarla O’Halloran Does Not Work For As Was

Monday, 22 February 2010 at 1:19 pm Pacific USA Time.

It has come to my attention that a worker I terminated in mid-2009 has been contacting clients to tell them he can do work for them. That would be in breach of the non-compete, non-disclosure agreement he signed when we started working together.

I found this out because a client told me he was about to PayPal a weird email address for some changes to his template, and he decided to double-check the address with me.

If anybody you used to work with at As Was contacts you from a non-As Was email address, it would be because he or she no longer works with or for me. He or she is probably still under the non-compete agreement we signed.

And let's just say that with respect to Mr. O'Halloran, I would not have him work for me even if he agreed to do the work for free. Ever since his departure, my clients have come out of the woodwork to say how much they didn't like working with him. He is not missed.

If you are contacted by a former As Was staffer, please let me know as this may be in breach of their signed agreement. If anybody you thought worked with me asks you to pay anything but an @aswas.com PayPal address, please contact me. That's fraud, and I'm very not cool with that. My clients deserve better.

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