IBM ThinkPad Rules

Thursday, 21 September 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Earlier this month, I sent back my 4-month-old Dell desktop computer because I had had nothing but unfixable problems with it. Dell’s processing that return, and will be refunding me in a few weeks. That much I believe.

The question then turned to what DO I buy? In a world where cheap is often just CHEAP, what equipment can I get where I will spend basically NO time having to fix the equipment? I went for the new IBM ThinkPad T60p laptop. I went for the extra RAM and extra maintenance contract so that they have to fix this thing basically overnight for me for 3 years. $2500 after tax. The Dell I returned? $1500 after tax, but I did it on a financing account, so I’ll be getting back around $513 as that’s all I paid so far.

The IBM laptop came with what Seth Godin would call a free prize inside. Their sales office is in Toronto. Their tech support is in Atlanta. As in North America and not some part of Asia. And you know what? If these people will understand me and help me, I would pay more for that.

Hear that, every other company I deal with? I would pay more to deal with tech support representatives who are well trained and for whom English is a native language.


Listen to this. I called the sales department to ask why an accessory I ordered hadn’t come. It turned out that I hadn’t ordered it. Simple checkbox must have unchecked somewhere in the process, but this was a blessing in disguise. The phone rep, Edward (and I believe that is his REAL name), checked his system and told me that while he could give me the "purchased with a new computer" discount, they were out of the accessory and may not see any for weeks.

So without me even asking, he started checking which of their authorised dealers had it in stock, and who had the best price. He told me not only had 2200 in stock but sell it for $20 less than he can sell it to me, even at that "discounted" price. Many thanks to a truly HELPFUL rep. He explained the situation and then saved me money. I didn’t order this accessory yet because I blew my money on a monitor (see this coming Monday’s post), but when I do, I know where it get it for less!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about why this IBM is so fantastic. OK, I’ve only had it three days, but I’ll tell you the good omen that is very telling.

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    Earlier this month, I sent back my 4-month-old Dell desktop computer because I had had nothing but unfixable problems with it. […]