Where In the USA is Deb?

Friday, 12 December 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Thanks to some blog writing I do ahead of time, you wouldn't know that most of this week has been spent driving a moving truck across the country. Yes, the lovely husband and I (and super pets) are moving from Tucson, AZ to the Boston area.

I love Tucson! But it's not the right place for my husband. He's a fantastic musician who I'm sure is just a couple of years away from being a known name in the business. I thought I was a great producer and engineer, but his talents blow me away. He's the kind of guy who can hear something, and know who produced it, probably who mastered it, and things like that. He recognises reverbs that are evidently "typical" of certain producers. He's going to be the hottest new young producer, I just know it.

But he won't make it in Tucson, where there really is no music scene unless you're into mariachi. Our mariachi is probably unrivalled in this country! :) But if you ever look at the touring schedule for some of your favourite bands, you might find Tucson not on the list. Not a lot of acts come through here, and there is just not a lot going on.

So we'll try Boston. I went to college there (Tufts University, graduated in 1993, didn't know Pierre), and I loved the city. He only saw a bit of Boston while we were in town for eBay Live 2007, but I saw his list of what he wants, and I think Boston well matches it.

Before you ask: I hate NYC, and I'm not an LA girl. Those are off the list. :)

But if you're looking for me this week, I'm driving a moving truck, and my husband is driving my/our car. If this is Friday, I hope I'm on schedule, and going through Tennessee. Tonight in VA, tomorrow night in NJ, and then landing in the Boston area on Sunday. Checking out the apartment I chose (online) on Monday, signing a lease if we like it, going to see other places if we don't. But hopefully being totally moved in somewhere this coming week.

Oh, and happy 11th birthday to my super baby girl… Rita, my Jack Russell Terrier, who I've had since she was 7 weeks old. Sorry about the drive, pup!

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