If You Click A Live Chat Button…

Friday, 29 August 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Someone on our RocketPlace website clicked the live chat button. This was the conversation that we then had via the live chat. Please remember the other person had to click on our LIVE CHAT button for this window to come up.

7:35:53 am [Debbie] Hi! How can I help you?
7:36:03 am [Visitor] why is there a chat

7:36:12 am
[Visitor] isn’t this just a normal website

7:36:29 am [Debbie] I guess it’s a better than normal website. :)
7:36:38 am [Debbie] We have a chat here so that we can answer any questions you have as you
are surfing. :)

am [Visitor] yes, it has text but also annoys you and distracts

Well then my tip is to NOT click the LIVE CHAT button if you didn’t want a live chat that would take you temporarily away from browsing our website.

Thank you! Come again!

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