I’ll Be In The Northeast In May… Make An Appointment!

Monday, 19 April 2010 at 5:19 pm Pacific USA Time.

Hello! I'm Debbie, CEO of As Was, and I'll be touring the northeast a bit in the last week of May 2010. I'll be hitting the following route:

  • Long Island
  • NYC
  • NJ
  • Philly & suburbs
  • Central southern PA
  • Some tiny bit of Delaware :)
  • Eastern bits of Maryland
  • Back up to NYC since round trip flights and round trip rental cars are nicely priced.

Sorry, but I will not be making it into NC or Virginia (outside of the DC metro area).

I've got some open appointments, so if you're looking for an on-site consulting intensive day or half day, speak now so I can route you in! What can we work on?

  • Branding and company image.
  • Marketing (online and offline) including social media. We can do marketing planning as well as execution.
  • Assessment of eBay selling and strategies.
  • Assessment of website.
  • Operations management. I can check out what you're doing, and suggest ways to be more efficient.
  • Anything you need that's legal and appropriate! :)

Just use the contact form on http://www.aswas.com and I'll be in touch to schedule your time. Thanks!

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One Response to “I’ll Be In The Northeast In May… Make An Appointment!”

  1. Gary Overton says:

    Was interested until I reached the last line.
    I do very few things that are not either illegal or inappropriate. :>)