I’ll Just Call My Competitor and Ask How They Do It

Monday, 18 September 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I got a weird call last week. A guy calls. The caller ID points to a home phone under a woman’s name. He tells me that he’s been checking out my company, and while he didn’t seem to fully understand what we did, he told me that he does what we do.


Then, this guy tells me that he’s having problems with the custom eBay templates he makes for his clients, and how does my company do a certain thing.


I gave him the most general answer I could while revealing the least information. Maybe he thinks I was unfriendly, but it was extremely weird. Why should I go out of my way to help someone who just told me that he competes with me? Does Pepsi call Coke for tips?


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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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