I’m In A Foreign Country And Need You To Send Money

Friday, 30 April 2010 at 4:42 am Pacific USA Time.

It's a scam. I'm not in a foreign country. Hey, I'll take any money you want to send!

But beware of these. I just got another last week. A client's email was hacked, and I got an email saying HELP, she was in a foreign country, she got mugged, and needed me to wire her money.

Clearly, if that happened to her, she is probably NOT thinking, "I will get Debbie from As Was to send me money." But your natural reaction is to think someone is in trouble and you have to help.

Just be careful of these. If you think something could be real, call the person. Are they really in some other country? Then somebody knows at what hotel they're staying. Call and ask to talk to them.

Never wire money to anybody. Period. Don't wire money to a stranger. Don't wire money to someone who claims to be eBay. If your friend really is in trouble and really needs money, then you will be wiring to your friend's American bank account with his or her name on it. And you would have spoken to your friend to get all of his or her banking details.

Just be very careful of this stuff. It plays on the heartstrings. Think before you act. Take a moment to be logical!

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One Response to “I’m In A Foreign Country And Need You To Send Money”

  1. NullApps says:

    There is a similar scam I saw on Dateline. That one involved people in prison scouring the newspapers for any mention of elderly people and their grandchildren. Then they’ll call the grandparent up claiming to be their grandkid saying they got in a wreck and needed money wired to them for bail.