I’m Not Doing What I’m Doing, So Don’t Notice!

Monday, 22 October 2007 at 7:00 am Pacific USA Time.

There are "eBay experts" out there with whom I rarely agree, and when I look at these people, I wonder why people follow them. So what I like to do is point at them. Give them more attention. You can decide for yourself what you think of these other people. I make or lose no money when you decide you think they are fantastic experts or losers. You pick! I’m pointing. :)

So this appeared in one of the "expert" blogs last week. I guess he doesn’t like my pointing, but from what I heard is being posted about him on discussion forums that I don’t read, my pointing at him is the least of his problems right now. But here is some of what he posted. Then, let’s discuss.

The other thing you should do is consider who is giving you the advice.  What are their qualifications and experience? 

and I have been selling on eBay for over 8 years and still sell on eBay
every day. In fact eBay is responsible for about 1/2 of my income.
Other experts that I work with like Lynn Dralle, Jennie Hunt, Jim Cockrum, Tim Knox, James Jones, Mike Enos
and others, are all people who can do, and do do, what they teach and
write about. Yes, we do profit sharing our knowledge with others but
there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are delivering good
value for the money.

I have read blogs and websites by many
others about selling on eBay, and the internet, who have little or no
current experience actually selling. Mostly these inexperienced
people just write, grouse and critizise. They usually have little of
value to contribute.  Often these are people who make money selling
something else, who write stuff about others to generate hits to their
own site to make money for themselves –rarely do they care if they are
accurate or not. So one thing you should always do is research and
consider the source.

As for attacking and criticizing the opinions of others, I have better things to do with my time.

He had links for most of those person’s names, but I’ve taken them out. So here is my commentary on the above.

  1. I agree with most of what he’s saying. People should do more research on who is giving advice. Check if they speak at eBay events as that’s a good mark of who eBay wants people to hear from. Always consider your source, especially money they might make from the products they are recommending. Some people actually recommend things because of what they get paid for the recommendation, and I’m against that. Always have been, always will be. I’m not for sale. Is your eBay expert for sale? :)
  2. I like the part where he says that people write about others to generate hits to their own websites… but then he takes the time to mention names that are probably put into search engines more than his own. When I point at this particular guy, I rarely name him, so I won’t today either. But he’s welcome to pretend that I name drop him for hits to my own site.
  3. Do I make money selling something else? Yes, I make money when people hire my company for our design, marketing, branding, strategy, operations management, and other consulting services. But this is my Marketing commentary blog. I rarely mention my company’s services here. It’s not like I have a post about a tip for selling on eBay, and I link it to a bunch of my own books or webinars or something like that. I’m just here to share my ideas, opinions, and point at people since we should always take more opportunities to look in the mirror.
  4. I buy heaps of things on eBay each month. I don’t claim to be a big seller, but I used to sell daily as a part-time income (under another ID, not the one you see me with now). My company has an insanely awesome track record with our seller clients, which speaks for itself. But if you’re looking for an eBay consultant, what do you need more? Someone who makes half their living selling, may have a view on what it’s like to sell, and spends all that time selling? Or someone who makes a living helping sellers of all kinds, sizes, and levels of proficiency start and grow? Someone who is your potential buyer, helping you tap into the minds and behaviours of your potential buyers. If I wanted to know how to improve my consulting business, I probably wouldn’t talk to other people with potentially competing consulting businesses. I’m not sure they’re really want to help me. I’d ask clients and potential clients what they want and how we could be better. Being a seller is great, but I’ve sometimes received calls from people who tried to use sellers as consultants… I was told that that seller really knew his or her business, but not how to grow a business that may sell something else or have another model. We don’t have that narrow focus. We work with sellers that have forklifts, shoes, sporting goods, diamond rings, posters, electronics, everything you can think of including sellers who never know what they’ll sell tomorrow.
  5. I like the part where he says he doesn’t have time to attack or criticise the opinions of others after taking a paragraph to attack and criticise others.

This guy must be going through some real stuff right now to post that. I’ve never been asked to prove that I have eBay expertise… I’ve spoken in so many places, I’ve been interviewed, I’m an author, I help other authors (check the index for my name), I work with eBay, I don’t hang with a small group of internet marketers who just keep mentioning/plugging each other, my clients speak up for me… my knowledge and expertise on eBay is rarely in dispute. I guess if you’re writing what this guy is, yours must be in dispute, and this is the best way you can think of to distract from that.

I always look at the hand the magician wants me to NOT notice. The hand that waves around in the air is the one he wants you to watch. I watch what the other hand is doing. And in this blog, I’ll point at it. I am not afraid to point at behaviour that in my opinion may be odd, inconsistent, or lacking integrity. I think the general public is better off when someone is willing to not say the popular thing and be willing to rock the boat by telling you to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Watch the hand the magician doesn’t want you to see. Look very carefully at these things… read what’s being said, what’s being implied, and what’s not being said… and decide for yourself.

If you don’t want me to point at you, stop doing pointable things. :)

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  1. Thanks for the great post. I appreciate your candor.