I’m Suspicious About Local Mail

Thursday, 22 July 2010 at 5:25 am Pacific USA Time.

Tucson mail is weird. It just is. My local post office is closed on the weekends, but you can knock on a Wizard of Oz door from 10am – 2pm on Saturday ONLY if you need to pick up something they're holding.

We barely get weekend mail. I had a client Postal Express me something recently on a Friday for Saturday delivery. The tracking said that at 11am on Saturday, they left me a notice. I was home all day waiting for the package. No notice on my door. No notice in my apartment mailbox. And the leasing office was closed, so they couldn't have signed for it. The next business day, they shoved the Express envelope in my apartment mailbox. Didn't knock on my door.

Not very express. So what's going on?

I heard a rumour years ago that Tucson officially has ONE post office, and everything else are satellites or mini post offices or I don't know what. Fake, imaginary post offices. And that every piece of mail has to go through this ONE post office in town, and then get sorted out to the other post offices. I was being told that this is why mail takes DAYS extra (in both directions). Chances are, my Express Package his this mystery post office on Saturday, and wasn't sorted and ready to come to me until the next business day's postal delivery. But they're comfy promising overnight service, and putting in fake info in the tracking that they left me a notice.

I was even told that if I mail something from my 85737 post office, the stamp won't be cancelled there. It goes down to this central post office, this ONE place in the whole city, to be cancelled.

So, for example, if something you mail me hits town on a Friday, it's going to this wacky post office. Because of weekend hours at varying post offices, I'll get that mail Monday. I get Saturday mail Tuesday. I typically don't bother checking my box on Monday, and wait for Tuesday to get ALL that weekend mail.

Well, that seems weird. I would think that if they are trying to send to 85737, and we have an 85737 post office, some postal system would KNOW to send the mail straight to me. And this one post office has the unforgettable address of being located on South Cherrybell Stravenue. Yes, Stravenue.

Yesterday, I was tracking a package I ordered from ThinkGeek.com. They sent it Priority Mail with some sort of tracking. This is what I saw: Processed through Sort Facility, July 20, 2010, 11:59 pm, TUCSON, AZ

I dropped 85726 into Google Maps, and it's the post office on Cherrybell Stravenue. So when this came from the east coast, nobody was able to route it straight to 

Does anybody know if this is a common practice in the postal system? That my mail takes days extra because everything has to go through this one post office?

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2 Responses to “I’m Suspicious About Local Mail”

  1. NullApps says:

    In the town where I grew up we had one post office even though the town had over 80000 people. However this post office did not do its own sorting so any time you mailed something across town it had to be sent 100 miles to a completely different city, get sorted and postage canceled there, and make a 100 mile return trip. Minimum delivery time was always 3 days.

  2. Gary Overton says:

    The postal service has been this way in cities for years.
    Postal service is a lot better in rural areas. I still have a 3br 2 bath home sitting on 3 acres of beautiful land I will sell for $25K and GUARANTEE you fantastic mail and UPS service. Now Fedex is a different matter altogether. Pony Express was more reliable.