I’m Asking You Twice to Do My Job!

Thursday, 21 July 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

A new company exhibited at the eBay convention last month. We felt their product was not very exciting as it seemed to be mostly a macro program for automating some text and tasks. Hey, I’ve had one of those for years (MacroExpress). Nobody’s been able to explain why this one is special, so we’re assuming it’s not.

After the convention, this company decided the best way to market themselves was to find other people to sell for them. On whose credibility could they ride? They decided to spam evidently the entire database of Education Specialists Trained by eBay (EduSpecs for short), who are people around the USA and in a few other countries who eBay certifies to teach official eBay University classes. They spammed them, telling them how great the product is, and that the EduSpecs should sell to the people they teach.

The EduSpecs got very angry at being treated like that, especially given how eBay and its community feels about spam. You just don’t do that around eBay, and if you do, it’s not going to go over well… especially with a group who has taken on the responsibility of training other people to NOT do things like that! Many EduSpecs posted to our private discussion board about how NOT happy they were with this company.

We received a voice mail from this company’s marketing guy. He was VERY excited about a one-way relationship where we could sell his product. He didn’t care what we did or sending anybody to our company. He wanted us to do his job and sell this thing. Typically, potential partners want to know how we can strengthen each other, so this call really stood out in how one-sided the offered "relationship" (and nearly giddy) this guy was.

I emailed him back that after reviewing his product and based on his spamming the EduSpecs, we would not enter into a relationship with them. He called back a few days later asking who he should talk to about a partnership. Dave took that call, and is in charge of biz dev, so he spoke to him a little. When he got off the phone, Dave asked me for the background on this guy since he remembered me mentioning something about him. I filled Dave in on everything.

Dave sent him QUITE the email. Blasted his product and his tactics. Talk about not taking no for an answer. I don’t think I could have been clearer when I emailed him that we would not do business with him (and my emails are signed "Debbie Levitt, President"). I guess he thought he could go above the President perhaps!

Bad marketing. These guys will definitely not get anywhere with these tactics around the eBay community. If they had an amazing product, we might care. But while it seems like a run-of-the-mill macro app, why all the fuss?

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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One Response to “I’m Asking You Twice to Do My Job!”

  1. Mike Charton says:

    Well, I bookmarked your site. Talk about a stupid company. You are right. They aren’t going to be in business long.