Is the Customer Always Right?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I think we have to get rid of the phrase, ‘The customer is always right." When I think of some of my buying experiences lately, I was treated like I was not right. I was told that there is a better product choice for me, and I was shown that. I was sold! If you treated me like I’m always right, then you would have just sold me what I asked for, removing your professional opinion.

We have to put in our professional opinion all the time. That’s consulting. :) We don’t believe the customer is always right. If our clients knew everything, they wouldn’t need us. We know that people need us, and we want to give the advice (and warnings) they need. So we have to treat people like they are wrong at times because they are.

The Marx Brothers had a bit on this topic. Chico is working in a men’s suit department, and his main training was "The customer is always right." A man is trying on a suit or jacket of some sort, and whatever he says, Chico agrees with him… because the customer is always right. The man declares that he doesn’t think he looks very good in that item, and Chico agrees that he looks terrible. Finally, the man tells Chico he’s not a very good salesman. Chico says, "Datsa right. I’m rotten."

Let’s not kiss butts. Let’s give the customer the best we can, even if it means pointing out that in a small or big way, the customer is wrong.

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